Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working on the Boys' Rooms

I've been slowly working on the getting the boys' rooms in order. I had fun plans and then pretty much threw them out the window for a few reasons.

1) it's just not necessary
2) we were given some furniture, so I worked with it
3) because they started hanging up their drawings and stickers on the wall..and well, they love it.

I only have a before picture of Brighton's room. This was with the stuff from his old bedroom which they all shared, and curtains left here from...maybe the 80's?


We were blessed to get and old chest of drawers that my grandparents bought when they married. My dad and uncle tore down an old ICE sign from their gas station when they were little to make the shelves on top. My grandma then painted it green.

I love the history of this piece, and am so proud to have it in our home!


Here is the back (the old ice sign)


The shelf happens to match the little green desk I bought years ago at a yard sale.


I happened to stop in (ha) IKEA while we were in Austin a few weeks ago and picked 1 package of curtains (and cut them in half) and the $10 duvet cover for his bed. It all turned out so nice!


I never showed a picture of Tristin's room, only because it had absolutely no storage whatsoever. It was a mess. I moved the old white shelf from Brighton's room to  Tristin's room and added a desk I picked up for $40 at IKEA. His favorite color is orange..if you couldn't guess.


We used an old bunting we had and the old vintage chair I picked up for their old room from another yard sale. I love those things ;)
This boy loves to draw, so the desk is a wonderful feature for his room!


I did add some orange and teal Chinese lanterns over his bed that I picked up for .50 at Michaels. I'll have to share a picture when I take one.

We are working in Jaiden's room next, so hopefully I'll have that post up this week! It's all coming along!

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Heather said...

Very cool. LOVE the green furniture!
Can't wait to see more!


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