Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calender

Sorry for the fuzzy picture.
I have been wanting to make and advent calender for a while now, but everything I thought of was not exactly what I was wanting....until I went to the dollar store and saw these teeny tiny little buckets! Exactly what I was wanting! And 3 for a dollar! I went home, printed out some numbers and tied some ribbons. Inside, I put a slip of papaer with a family Christmas activity to do together each evening. Some include: make ornaments, gingerbread house and train, Christmas light scavanger hunt, reading the Christmas story, dance to Chritsmas music, give our gently used clothes and toys to the women's center, and many more! I great way to do something special each day. Now off to watch Home Alone with the family!


Lissa said...

super cute idea!

Anonymous said...

That garland is AWESOME!


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