Sunday, December 13, 2009

ONE week left

This is the last week of school around our casa. Then home school and therapeutic learning center, here we come! But first, I am going to fill this weeks with fun Christmas-y activities, crafts, and treats each day for the boys when J gets home from school. I have quite a bit to do this week. I HAVE all the boys' gifts, they just need to be wrapped. The bad part? I still need to go the rest of my hubby's gifts, parents, and in laws, grandparents, and teachers. WOW. Usually I'm a little more organized than this. I don't want to get myself overwhelmed, so this week, I will finish my hubby's gifts and wrap all of the gifts I have. I will also finish the teacher's gifts (since its the last week of school) That's IT. I'll finish the rest next week (unless I find something while I'm out...which I secretly hope I do) My sweet momma is going to get the boys tomorrow and take them home with her for the night, then she is going to help with any cleaning, laundry, wrapping, shopping, or cooking that i need to get done this week. Isn't that just SO sweet of her?! I really just like having her a round, but the help is really appreciated! I encourage you to ENJOY this week with friends, family, good food, and cozy nights. Take some time to get some things done, but don't get stressed out. What fun is a mom who spends the MOST wonderful time of the year trying to be perfect to the point of being just plain exhausted? Have a blessed week!!

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