Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Mind is Going Non Stop

Ever have one of those days when your mind just won't shut off? That drives me crazy! I am thinking about this coming week. I have just a few more errands to run, a few more gifts to wrap, a little bit of organizing this home school stuff, and things I want to do BEFORE Christmas?! Where did the time go? And there I was just a tooting my own horn (in my head of course) thinking how much better I am doing this year......I must have been a DISASTER in the years past! Know what else?! I NEVER got around to doing Christmas cards. I've done them EVERY year, but this year...NOPE. I keep telling myself, that I worried about doing the cards so much in the past, that I didn't have the time to do the projects and baking I have done with the boys this year, soooooo. Hmmmm are the Christmas cards really THAT difficult? Apparently for me they are. Projects for this week will include the gingerbread house, Christmas light scavenger hunt, and making a few more goodies for family and friends. Are you getting everything done? If so send me a note telling me HOW? I really am enjoying the season though. It has been really nice and a lot of fun spent with family and friends. That's all that matters. Enjoy this week and be blessed. I'd say I'll be back here this week, but as you read above.... well I'm not making any promises.

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