Monday, December 7, 2009


So, in one of my recent posts I wrote about homeschooling and autism. I will be the first to admit, I am a little bit scared of the whole situation, but keeping our kids together and not leaving anyone out is a must in our family. As I mentioned in that post that as SOON as i obeyed, God lead me to where to start and said He will take care of the rest. WELL! Guess what?! The place he goes to therapy for speech and OT just opened a Therapeutic learning Center. Its small, christian/home school based, and has a waiting list. We're on it. They called and set up a meeting with us, and told us they have ONE opening and were praying about it and picked Jaiden. We told them about us wanting to home school and they said they would shorten his day, so that we could get our homeschooling in, and they asked if Tristin could join him a few days a week! They do that so these kids have language support! SO, wow God sure handled that one for us! We will begin homeschooling in January, Jaiden will get extra support from going to therapy and the learning center a few hours a day, and our boys will get to be involved in each other's lives even more when Tristin gets to go with him a few days a week! Oh and something I love about this is that by joining a homechool support group I was worried Jaiden would be the only one with special needs and Tibby (tristin) and B (brighton) would be the only ones with a sibling with special needs. In this situation Jaiden will not be the only special needs kid, and the days Tibby joins him, so do the other kids home schooled siblings, so he'll make friends in the same situation at the Learning Center! Praise God!!

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