Monday, December 28, 2009

The MOST Wonderful Time

How was your Christmas? I'm telling you, this has been the absolute BEST Christmas I've ever had! Just like I imagined when I was little. I always wanted to be a mom. I wanted 3 kids (except when I imagined it, I'm sure there was a girl in there) I wanted a white house in the country with a big wrap around porch. Now, I could do without the country part if I needed to, but the rest is still very dreamy to me. Anyways, I imagined Christmas to feel magical. Us in the kitchen baking, cozy nights around the fire, crafts and memories being made. AND IT HAPPENED THIS YEAR. Everything was that way (minus the white house and porch). We filled our days with memories and coziness. My heart was so happy I think it could explode. After 8 yrs, this is the first time our son truly enjoyed himself and the toys. He has played with them! PLAYED!!! Did you know that you have to teach some kiddos with autism HOW to play? The difference this year as opposed to the past, is God. My relationship with Him. HE is my joy, my strength, and giver of LIFE. It has been so wonderful in fact, that I was sad to see it end. I also know that the new seasons God offers are going to be and feel just as wonderful (they won't always be perfect) but in His presence they will be special. So, I am welcoming the new seasons in our life and embracing them! ***Ok, so now just to say I am a goal setter and a list maker, and I have already come up with my goals for the new year. This year though, I'm keeping the focus on ENJOYING every day all while working hard. *Get out of debt...we are SO close! *Learn to love being ACTIVE. Walks, hikes,bike rides, swimming, WII, tennis etc... *Be creative every day. (with the boys, our home, our budget, and meals) *Continue strengthening my relationship with God! (Pray.Fast.Read) *Love, pamper, and take care of myself- just a little bit more than usual *Read a book a week. I LOVE to read! (I'll make a new post on some of the FANTASTIC books we got for Christmas soon)

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