Thursday, February 4, 2010

I refuse to feel sorry for myself...or him

As I sat this morning holding J-man through another meltdown, we talked, prayed , and just sat. They are geting better, but this  morning he did hit, and scream as loud as he could, and as I turned my head so I wouldn't get hit in the head with his head. I looked out the window at the snow covered yard and street and it all looked so still ans so calm. Things started creeping in my head, like WHY do we need to go through this? How many other mothers out there have to deal with this? How many other children have go through each day not sure how to react to something as simple as changing a channel, or music, or someone walking in the door at a different time than normal? The tears started to come, but as quickly as those thoughts (lies) started to creep in, I felt HIM, my Father, my Savior whisper to me, "don't let this get to you, I am your resting place" Within 2 minutes the melt down was done, he was his normal self and has been all morning. He has helped with chores, done his school work, got TWO toys out and played with them AND cleaned them up (this has never happend in my sweet 8 yr old's life) He has talked all morning, he has been singing, and happy. He has his moments, but they aren't the same, they aren't full of rage and they don't last hours at a time. God is providing as long as we give it to Him. He is there just like He promised. We don't dwell on it, we move on and live out the rest of our day. He has it all taken care of, and for that I am so thankful!

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