Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Its only a season

That's what my husband always says. Thats the truth too, it is.  Things are starting to settle down around here and it feels so nice. The boys are working really very hard, every single day. I love having them home, they are lovely to be around. I really don't feel as stressed anymore or you know that dreading feeling you get when something is coming up you're just not reay for? Its not there. I used to DREAD Monday mornings. Sometimes they were a happy relief to get back to school, but most of the times not. I REALLY enjoy our boys.  I used to take Tibby to Mother's Day Out on Tues and Thurs. and even dreaded that half the time (part of that was dreading the tired and grumpy attitude he had after a long day) I love summer, Christmas, and spring breaks....or even the unexpected snow days.  It secretly bothers me when I hear people who wonder what in the world their going to do with their kids these extra days. Not every day is just great, but at the end of the day, its only a season. Its only a season can be for the good and hard times. If its a hard season...its only a season. If its a great season, its only a season (and THAT is the hard part) the season will end. The days whe J-man bugs me about the tv will end. The days he wants to sit in my lap will end. The days Tibby wants to pretend to be a server and serve our food will end. The days B will be so tired that he climbs in my lap and falls right to sleep will end. Even the days they whine because they don't want to go to bed, get out of bed for a drink, snack, to potty, or to just try and think of something just so they can come talk to us will end.

Please don't take your seasons for granted. Yes a new one will come (and maybe thats what you're hoping for) but in the end, the little seasons are what makes us who we are. There will never be another season quite like the one you're in.

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