Sunday, February 28, 2010

My challange for March (already started)

Its kind of funny to me how when God wants something for your life, He makes it known. If you don't listen, He will politely nudge you again. I've seen a few bloggers out there saying they are/have given up sugar. Oh, thats something I know I should cut down on...but give it up? Well, first of all I know I shouldn't be having sugar every day. There are a few reasons that God has brought to my attention:
1) health reasons
2) it's addicting, and no addiction is good
3) I JUST realized that I can replace my craving for sugar with God
4) Lent. Can I give up sugar and make such a small sacrifice for my King who sacrificed His whole life just for us?

So, I started this week. Its going ok, I still have some cravings (for chocolate or a coke especially) but I am praying and learning to replace that craving with Jesus. Now, just to be clear: I still have yougurt and fruit, but nothing like soda, cookies, brownies etc.

The other day the boys were eating a graham cracker (not something we usually have in the house) and they asked if I wanted one. Without even thinking I took a bite. After just a second I took the rest I had in my hand and gave it back to the boys. Do I not THINK before doing stuff like this? Is Jesus not on my mind enough for me to even remember this one thing I vowed to give up for Him? I am so thankful for His grace and unfailing love; because of His sacrifice He doesn't hold this against me.

My husband and I are ralizing some things and it really has us thinking. Yes, we spend time with God daily in our home. Yes, the boys are learning scripture. And yes, we pray and go to church. My husbands' and my realtionship with God is getting stronger everyday, but do we reflect this particualar part of our relationship with our Savior with our boys?

When I was growing up in a christian home this is how my life was. We went to church, prayed, and learned a lot, but I NEVER knew you could have such an intimate relationship with our Father.  We are realizing that not only does our day need to be filled with our relationship, praise, worship, and sacrifice to Jesus, but our kids need to know and be involved in every aspect of that too. Maybe they'll know sooner what it took my husband and I 20 plus years to realize!

I know! This is a lot of "stuff" just to come out of giving sugar up. I'm telling you, at this point I know this is lead by the Holy Spirit to teach me so much more than to watch my sugar intake.

More to come...

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