Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OK here we go... I have been BUSY. The post about AUTISM and our very hard day...well that day pretty much lasted all week long. It was a long week. On top of that, my friend's grandpa had a stroke and they moved him to hospice, so I kept their two boys (with our 3) on Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tues. Friday morning and again Monday. 5 boys (one with special needs and the rest under 5) was CRAZY! I really am glad I could help, but it was a lot of work! =]

Now, onto my challenges. NO spending month is ending this weekend and it didn't kill us! I do admit we spent a little. After last week my hubby took us to eat at Chilis for a nice afternoon lunch (which was a nice treat, I wasn't willing to argue with) As the end of the month nears, I am so thrilled at how much we have realized we don't need, and how much we waste. We have saved a REALLY good amount of money this month. Now.....hmmm...what can I go spend it on? HA, JUST kidding.

The Bible reading challenge: I am behind :(. BUT, I am still loving it and still going right along (on my own pace) but I will FINISH! Thats all that matters. I will say, when I tried in the past to read the bible in a year by reading 10 minutes worth a day, I had always given up by now. This time I'm enjoying it so very much and feel so blessed (even if I don't finish the challenge on time). FINISHING is my ultimate goal. So I will let you know in April, June, August WHEN I'm finished.

Totally unrelated to anything really. It is sunny and 55 degrees out right now. Really very nice. This evening - in the 20's, winter stom coming, & 8 inches of snow. They say it will snow all day tomorrow. I am NOT a fan of snow, but I really don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so we will stay cozied up in the casa and LET IT SNOW!

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