Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Time

We are big family night people. Every Friday night we have a movie night. We either watch one we already own, grab one at Redbox, or sometimes go buy one. Our boys look forward to it ALL week and part of our homeschooling on Fridays is cooking.. so we all get together in the kitchen and bake cookies or some sort of treat together for the movie. The boys run to the playroom and each grab a beanbag (or the RED Mickey Mouse chair, depending on who's week it is to have it) and they pile on their chairs as hubby and I cozy up on the couch. It is such a fun night. The boys are SO excited they can hardly stand it. Sitting there this past Friday I sat there in amazement of how incredible it felt to be a part of this and as my husband sat beside me, I watched as he looked around the room at those boys and knew he felt the same way too. 

I am a BIG time family person. I love my friends, church, and social functions, but really my heart is pored into our family. I love to be around them, I love spending time with each of them, I love to create a safe and enjoyable home for them to actually WANT to be at.  I really don't like to feel too busy to just spend time with them. Thats my love language I guess: TIME. 

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