Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Worship

I stumbled across a really neat ministry that has worship music that helps your kids (and you) to memorize scripture. The music is fun and REALLY good. They even have samples from their cds you can listen to and print off sheets of the verses and checklists of what you've memorized. OH, and the coolest part is, when you purchase a cd ($12-$13) they send you and extra full length cd for free so you can give one to your friends!

I am really considering giving some to the boys for Valentine's Day (of course when this no spending month is over) and let them chose a friend to give their extra copy to. What better gift of love than learning the Word of God?!

Check them out: Seeds Family Worship

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Michelle said...

Hi Jeana!! Thanks so much for your mention of Seeds! Send me an email and I'll update you the latest news from Seeds.

Keep planting!


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