Monday, January 11, 2010

ugly face of autism

Well, get ready to grab some cheese and I'll provide the whine.
I really started the day out optimistic in every way. J-man went off to school really well, and we continued with our morning. Tibby asked if he could watch a movie this afternoon and I said yes. We went to pick J up from the learning center. Came home and had lunch and he started in....
J-"I wanna watch movie"
Me- "yes, after tibby finishes his"
J then runs to the tv and turns tibby's movie off.
Me- "OK, J, no tv for you"
Me- "Thank you J, next time please leave it alone."
J-"Watch movie?"
Me- Maybe tomorrow
J- scream, hit, pull my hair, fall to the ground, jump up, turn tibby's movie off AGAIN. I take him out of the room, and we pray and discuss his behavior.
He seems better.....
Then we repeat the cycle 3 more times, which leaves me and him in tears and exhausted.
Thank God those ^^^^^ little dudes at the top of the page changed the mood around here. We have been studying winter this month, so this was a fun treat for them.

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autie said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.


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