Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our no spending month challenge for my family.

Well, last Friday we started a no spending month. I read about a NO Spending Challenge over at Small Notebook (fantastic blog) It was so inspiring and with us very close to being out of debt (besides the house) it was something I was really eager to try. We decided January would be the time. Really, we JUST had Christmas, a month full of spending and new stuff, doing this in January was a wonderful break from spending. Plus we really need to get a hold of where our money is going and how much we carelessly spend on little things, soda runs, and grabbing something to eat. SO, that being said, we have paid our bills and bought some groceries (which I cut the budget on that $200) and nothing else. NOTHING. I will tell you 6 days in, it feels AMAZING! Now, I can't lie. I have wanted to go and grab a coke when the kids asked, and I have also wanted to go grab breakfast with a friend, but instead told her we could in Feb. and we'll just chat this month. OH, and I also thought it would be nice to go to the 50% off all clearance items sale that my friend texted me about on the first day of the month! (a test maybe?) As much fun as all that would've of been, I am realizing how wonderful it is to WANT to go pick something up to eat, but to come to my senses, go home and cook something healthy for my family. Instead of feeling broke, I know what it feels like to feel in control (with God's help) and actually have money while I'm at it! I will continue updates at least weekly, to let you know how everything is going.


Tina said...

That's awesome! I'm following your blog, interested to see how you do this month. I found your blog on

jeana said...

Thanks Tina! I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but couldn't. Looking forward to looking over yours too! Have a blessed week.


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