Monday, February 21, 2011

3 Years Old

This little guy turned 3 last week.


I made him a cake with cookies, because he has the biggest sweet tooth I've ever seen.


Blury picture, but I just love his excitement!




Brighton, you bring so much joy to our lives! You make us laugh with your silly faces and your funny comments. We love to hear you say we are a " silly goose!" You are so curious and love to play. You love to play with rocks and dirt, and your finger nails prove it! You also, tell us "I not baby, I Bighton." You bring a light in our lives and I can't possibly imagine not welcoming you in our lives 3 years ago. You bless!! Love you little Brighton.


1 comment:

Life with Kaishon said...

He is so precious. What a sweet little blessing God has given you! His smile is contagious! I love the blurry picture best of all. Beautiful post!


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