Sunday, February 6, 2011

Links I Love

Hello! We just got home from church, and the guys are all playing while I am "working on our weekly schedule". You like how that includes blog reading?! I do. =]
It's been snowing all morning, which is beautiful, but is putting a damper on my motivation to finish my spring cleaning.
Instead, I though I'd share with you some of my favorite posts, inspiration, pictures, etc around the internet. I try to add some -------> in the sidebar weekly...if you ever want to check them out.

My friend Rachel has been doing a wardrobe reinvention. I am so inspired, and also believe in the "less is more" approach. I have already started working on this.

Brighton Cottage (love the name of course!) is such a nice way to store string/twine. And it is SO pretty!

I love art. We had an art bithday party for Tibby a few years back. He made his own invitations, the decorations was an art exhibit with his art, and he decorated his own cake. It's so wonderful for kids, and this little celebration for the little artists is just precious! I would love to do something like this.

Lissa, has been hosting weekend projects that really bless your home and family. This lady will inspire to to clean, clean, clean! Seriously, her home is spotless! I have learned so much from her.

We made these brownies for movie night. They're all gone. They were goooood!

If you have a lot of snow, you might want to make snow cakes. KatherineMarie has a way of making life fun!  Our boys want to play in the snow so badly, but it's still pretty cold, so we will be doing this!

Empty. Do you ever feel empty? "All that God has disired all along is our emptiness!" Great read.

I hope you enjoy your weekend with friends and family. We're gearing up for a sweet week, full of  love and hearts!

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