Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simple Life: Toys

I know I've already gone through our whole entire house with giant bags tossing things in without giving it a second thought. Yes. I am now finding that I love that so much, I want to do it again, but better. I love the idea of not having much...stuff.

It makes me happy for a few reasons:
 less stuff...less mess
 less stuff...less spending
 less stuff...opportunities to live without having to deal with so much stuff

So, I'm definitely up for less to pick up, which equals more time to spend with each other. And if I don't want stuff, then I won't be spending  much money...which equals, savings, vacation...hmm!

Last night I was coming up with some ideas and reading magazines in bed to get some inspiration. I had a teeny helper:


What I did earlier this year was go through each room and get rid of (by donating or giving to friends) anything we don't use. The boys' room only has books and a marble run. We have a linen closet that holds playsets.



The boys always play in the living room, so I put a basket by our armoire to hold random know that you have no idea what to do with, but the boys insist they need.


Then, I put two beautiful baskets under the coffee table with their two most played with toys. Cars and blocks.


I've been thinking, and I have a few more ways to get any clutter we have outta here. That's what I'm working on this month.


Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I should have minimized my kids toys when they were little! They def. had too many! I love your baskets and that cute bag! Coming to you from AP Tuesdays! hugs, Cathy

Marianne said...

My philosofi is that a child with to many toys are more bored than a child with few toys. Friends that come over to our house always comment on how little toys my kids have, still the children visiting keep busy the whole time without getting bored. Yes that might be the novelty of new toys, but my kids are always happy playing with what they have.
I love your baskets and the little tags. Maybe that's what I should do to make it easier for my hubby to help the kids pick up the toys.


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