Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Laundry Redo

I have no before pictures of our laundry room, so you'll have to imagine a white room with 80's style brown wood cabinets, doors, and drying rack, and a white linoleum floor. I wonder why I never got a picture of it?!

About $100 and a day later (not including the floor that we did a year or so ago)the room is fresh and feels bigger. I use it as our mudroom as well since it is right off of our garage.

Painted the walls a light aqua, trim and cabinets white, and the doors black.


Space behind the door holds iron and board.


Not a big space at all, but love how good it feels to walk into this room now! AND all the laundry is done ;) Wish we had done this years ago...


Heather said...

Beautiful and funny... we have the same washer and dryer! We also had 1970's ugly cabinets and have recently changed all that. Love it, Jeana!

Hallie @ Betty Beguiles said...

It's so pretty! My laundry room is down in the basement so I tend to ignore it, but you've inspired me! Thank you!

{ L } said...

Perfect timing...I just started brainstorming this week laundry room ideas. Yours looks so fresh and clean! I love that.

D Ball said...

while I am at work, aiking from how much I miss you and our wonderful little men, I love getting lost in your blog. The pictures, the words, ease me and fill me with joy. Can't wait to get home. I love the weekends with my fam. I know our weekends have been busy with projects and all. But I would do all those projects a million times over, because we do them as a family. That is my hobby, anything Jeana, Jaido, Tibby, and Bright. Your an amazing woman. And I love you crazy:)


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