Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly School Overview

This is what we have in store for the week ahead:

Bible Reading and Copy Scripture: Jesus' Crucification in Mark 15:21, Resurrection John 20, Luke 24, John 21, Ascension of Jesus Acts 1

Reading Lesson and Write New Words: Delightful Reading lessons with Bible Reading and Free Reading.
(learning the words we are reading in the Bible and other books) -
EXAMPLE:the word LIGHT can make other words like right, knight, night, lightning...

Read Alouds:

The Aesop for Children
The Blue Fairy Book
Among the Forest People


Colonial American Craft- 3D Jamestown Map

Math: Review long addition and subtraction. Review and add to multiplication.
Guess and Group activity from Family Math book.

Grammar: Lessons 5 and 6 From English for the Thoughtful Child Vol. 1

Monthly/Term Fine Arts:
poetry: The Moon by Robert Louis Stevenson; Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare, Midsummer Nights Dream

folksong: Carrigfergus

hymn: What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Artists: Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) American; Hudson River School

This term's composer: Mendelssohn, Romantic


Nature Study:
Project Garden (a book filled with garden activities for every month)
*this month we are planting Herbs and making plant markers, using lemon in our baking and treats (lemon snow ice cream anyone?!), and seed catalog card for my grandma's birthday.


Preschool will be added soon.


Liz @ said...

At what age did you start homeschooling... officially?

jeana said...

@Liz- I started Tristin at 5 and slowly with Brighton who will be 4 next month. Sending you an email with more info!

Little Wonders' Days said...

You have a wonderful plan. I love the idea of using a monthly gardening book. Have fun!


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