Monday, July 15, 2013

Every Day Life

We have had the busiest summer. I think every single day had somewhere to be in June. If you know me you know I don't love being busy all the time. I find you can't make time for what's most important when you are going 100 miles an hour. This month, thankfully, is a bit slower. Although this week is still quite full, it's full of important things like celebrating the life of a wonderful man and hugging his sweet family...our family. And then a date night with my husband. It's been a long time and I just can't wait to see him. Then on Friday I have a family day planned. In fact I have one planned for the next 3  Fridays in a row. I found a card for $20 each we can get into 3 area water parks/pools. We've never been to any of them and the boys have no clue. I can't wait to surprise them!

For Father's Day the boys picked a one on one date each with dad. This one picked ice cream and the zoo. They loved having dad all to themselves. I love this picture because it shows the stick collecting phase this boy is in!


We finished soccer! this was Brighton's first year. He did a great job and had a really cute little team.


We spend many mornings and evening out here on the porch. It's one of my favorite spots!


Sometimes he just needs a few minutes to himself. I find it so nice that he's taking the time to regroup when he needs it. I remember at his age walking alone in the dark around my block just talking to God. I loved it.


One night we decided it was time for a good ol' shrimp boil! No reason at all, just because it's summertime.


After the shrimp our neighbors asked if we wanted to join them at the splash pad for a bit. So we did.


It's been unusually chilly for July in Texas so I think they spent more time on the playground than in the water that evening, but still so much fun.

This week is in the 70's and rainy. That's my kind of weather!!

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Heather said...

I don't like being so busy either. Sometimes it just creeps up on us, doesn't it? I have to be so intentional to stick to my goals for us.
LOVE the porch! Oh my goodness. Let's sip lemonade together :)
Beautiful idea of dates with Daddy for his birthday.


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