Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer of the Birds

Sometimes I have a hard time with nature study. We don't live in a place with just a whole lot going on, but just like the old saying goes, if you "stop and smell the roses" you will find some interesting things.

God really does have a lot going on no matter where you're at.

One morning I went out to water my hanging fern and a little finch flew out and right over my head. So I gently lowered the plant down and sure enough, inside were the four sweetest little eggs. I called for the boys to come see, and from then on we watched that nest like a hawk. :)


At first we thought this was a sparrow, but after seeing the beautiful daddy with red markings drop by we researched and found that this was a House Finch couple.

I never got a picture of him, but he really was beautiful.


A week or so after the discovery we peeked in and there they were!


We thought there was only three. A few more days went by before we finally noticed the forth little one was in there.


We loved watching the fledglings as they were developing their wings...and fuzzy heads.


And just like that, they were ready to go.


Our boys have learned so much about birds this year. They are loving every bit of it, and so am I! We picked up Thornton Burgess' Bird Book and can't wait to read it!

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness! Yay for you! They're gorgeous aren't they with their fuzzy little heads and wide beaks. I love House Finches. Keep your eyes open... I bet there's a whole lot more! Can't wait to see photos!

Carol said...

What a great find. Our best ones are usually accidental! Found your link on Amy's Nature Study Monday.

momco3 said...

Wow! We had robins nest in our yard for two years and loved watching them, but we've never seen the finches! Thanks for sharing.

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

We have swallows outside our kitchen window. I LOVE them! They are on their second batch of babies.

panusarit boonkum said...

I had loved watching them in the morning.


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