Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Easter Party

I have had so many issues with photos lately....hints why my posts lately haven't had any. I think it's working again, so I finally get to share our Easter photos!

We had an early morning brunch, all set up outside. It was so lovely!


This is what the table was set up like:


Aren't the glasses precious?!


That's it, that's all we did as far as bunnies/candy etc. We spent the rest of the weekend as a family and remembering the sacrifice our Savior made. It was such a nice weekend.

After our party, we headed to the park and gardens. We had never been, and thought it was really beautiful.



I have a ton of pictures on my camera, because Tibby thought it was just beautiful and he HAD to get all the pictures he could. I love that he appreciated the beauty. I think we all did.



After that, we went to the opening of African Cats. We happened to drive up at the same time as our cousins and man did that make the boys' day!! And, just so you know the littlest one (1 yr old) calls me Aunt Nina!! Melts my heart...I just may change my name for that kid.

All in all it was a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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