Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monet and Fine Arts Study

We have been doing some fine arts study when we have time. The boys really seem to love Monet.

We read storied about his life, watch movies, and try an art project. We did a smaller version of this last year, but this year I decided to start again. We have yet to do our art project, but have had  alot of fun so far!

This is our Fine Arts Board. It's hanging in the dining room where we can see it and study. Each page protector has addition pictures or worksheets. I got this idea from Mt Hope.


Exploring Monet's Garden


Products we've really enjoyed while studying.

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Rambling Heather said...

I am inspired! I need to do more art study with my kiddo's! This year has been a very laid back one for us with all the changes in our life. Thanks for commenting on my inCourage post so that I could find my way here. Very encouraged!


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