Friday, May 13, 2011

Links I'm Loving

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A sunrise in a bubble? These pictures are stunning.

A fun way for kids to learn Proverbs. We started the other day (more on that soon)

I used to always dream I'd grow up and throw party like this one.

Prayer this idea

Free Children's Book Recordings

No Rushin' I love this post about living slowly, taking it all in. I make it a point in our lives not to have too much going on. I like to be home. with my family. serving. No need to "be rushin" * I also love what she says about unplugging. I REALLY don't want a tv in our house...soon maybe.

I've been using this schedule as a guideline to clean our home everyday. I love it...and the blog!

I love this post about good "old fashioned" housewives. A way to create an atmosphere of serving your husband.

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