Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

We had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. It was sweet. Filled with family, great food, and friends. I couldn't be more thankful in this moment than I am right now.

I am so excited for this year. We have making a lot of changes around here, that I can't wait to share! I have "met" so many beautiful women that have so willingly been praying for our family, and I theirs. I know God is with us every day, and life with Him is good. Very good!

268. the gift of Jesus
269. time with family and friends
270. a home to stay warm and cozy in
271. relief of hard times
272. playing Mario Cart with my boys...even if I do fall off the edge of cliffs and run into walls
273. organization
274. seeing a difference in our biggest boy!
275. hearing him say "good job dad!" for the first time ever
276. dancing to silly songs
277. dryer fixed after 5 weeks!
278. back to a simple routine on Monday...very excited about this
279. homemade boeuf bourguignon from my Julia Child!
280. being able to cook, clean, and play with my family
281. new beginnings
282. knowing everything is going to be okay.


Traci Michele said...

I love new beginnings!

Thank you for praying for my sister in law and her baby. Here is the latest update:

Lissa said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed a nice Christmas. I hope you have a fantastic year!


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