Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peek Into The Boys' Room

All three of our boys share a room. We love it that way. We hear giggles for hours after they are put to bed. If I'm honest, it can get to me some nights, but most,  I just love that they are playful and happy.
Their room has very few toys and lots of books. It's much easier to keep clean, and I will share the way I organize the rest of their toys on a later date. (Remember my goal to organize the whole house....I've been working hard!)

I had one splurge and that was the shams from PB. They're full of color, and since I am creating a room for 3 very different boys, incorporating a lot of different colors was a must. There are bunk beds on the left of the picture.


I obviously need a lamp shade, and knobs. I don't spend money I don't have, so that will wait until I have it. Kinda makes projects last forever, but that's okay, it's what's best for us.
I painted that side table yellow, and lined the shelf with a map. The map above the bed is soon going to have pictures of family and friends where they live across the country.


I searched all over the internet for curtains. I found nothing in my price range. So, I just looked in my scraps of fabric and put these together. I don't know how to sew....yet, so I used the stitch witchery and ironed them. It took me about 1 1/2 hours. I really love them, they're simple and sweet, and free!


The blue on top is a ticking stripe, and the yellow is gingham. I tied them with the leftover striped fabric.

I still need to finish the walls with a few items and projects, and will post pictures of that when I'm done. This is the other side of the room. Their red chair is a nice comfy place for reading books. Those frames on top are empty. I have some little baseball boys that my great grandma stitched before she died, that I'm going to put in them. They are precious!


The green framed piece of metal was something Dan and I made last weekend. My dad gave me his leftover scraps, and Dan put those together while I painted the trip for the frame. It is now a fun place to make the magnetic marble run that they got for Christmas. It has a seam in it which really shows up in the picture, but we hardly notice when playing.


So, there it is for now. I can't wait to add the final touches and share. I've just had a wonderful in this room, and using mostly what I have. It really feels good to create. God has showed me so much, and learning to use what I have was one of the things. I used to put projects off because I didn't have the money to get started the way I wanted to. He showed me by looking at what I have, it all can come together, and He supplies the missing pieces!

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