Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year New Life...?

I'm a list girl and a goal setter. I love making the lists, and setting goals, it's the actually getting it done part that I don't do so well with.

I told myself a few months ago, that I wouldn't set any goals unless I plan to stick with them and finish what I start. I guess you could say that my motto this year is: finish what you start.

So that's exactly what I did. I set realistic goals, prayed about them, and of course one week in to the new year, I'm still truckin' along...haha.

I actually started right after Christmas, and man I'm really enjoying it.

My goals for the year:
Purge and organize our entire house.
Read the Bible.
Limit my love for coca 1 a week.
Spend more time with friends.
Learn to sew.
Have a garden..
Fix the not so fun to fix stuff in our home. (fence, new carpet, doors etc)
Date my husband once a week.
Take more mini road trips and explore.

So far, I've pulled everything out of the boys' room, the school room, hall closets, and our bedroom. Oh yes, and I filled I don't know how many 30 gallon bags full of stuff, and have donated them, and organized the rest of the stuff and made a place for everything in every space of our home so far.

*I have to work on the desk/computer area, kitchen,  and bathrooms, and I'll be done!

Reading the Bible. Well, I have thought about reading it in a year, and I have thought about reading it in 90 days, and neither one of those seem to be what I had on my heart completely. SO, I now use my chronological Bible and read 2-4 "days" a day. Right now I'm at the end of January in it. That seems to work well for me! It makes me know I am doing it, but not under pressure.

I have only had 2 sodas in the past two weeks and am drinking much more tea and water.

I have 2 dates with friends this week, and have enjoyed chatting on the phone with another. It's been so nice, because sometimes I tend to turn into a hermit...especially in the winter.

Learning to sew....well, I bought a sewing machine. It intimidates me. Gotta start somewhere right?

The garden and house maintenance, well you know, I need spring and money to do those, so soon. I will start planning the garden using magazines and garden books I have, that need to be put to use. Inspiration on gardening: pw A time to plan post and one of my favorite ladies around *swoon* Aurajoon's backyard farming posts. Now you can go visit her blog...but please come back and see me...yes, it's that lovely!

Date my husband once a week. You bet I've been sticking with this one. how could I not?! 3 weeks ago we went to dinner and a movie, the next week we had an at home date (take out, dessert, and a redbox movie), then this past week we headed to a local Art Walk. It was wonderful and FREE. Food and all. I love being with that man.

Workout. I've been working out MWF for about 30-45 minutes each time. Not a ton, but good for now.

The road trips haven't started, but will in about a month! More on this soon.

So, that's it! My goals and how they're going. I have pictures to post, but for some reason they're not uploading well, so I'll save that for another day.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


Lissa said...

You're doing a great job on your goals! And they're good goals too!

Heather said...

Wow, wow, wow!
I loved reading this post! It made me want to get my bum off of this chair and stop reading your blog to go workout or sew something... almost :)
Keep us updated on your progress. Hopefully, it'll rub off, LOL!


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