Saturday, January 1, 2011

Puppy Love

Some of you may know that we got a dog named Oliver last year. He was a wonderful dog, but big. BIG. We knew he would get big because he was 1/2 Mastiff, but we had planned to move into a bigger place, with a bigger yard. We found the place and put our home for sale, and sat in an awful housing market with one contract on our house that fell through. When the summer was over, we took it off the market and prayed about finding Oliver a new home.  Honestly 3 boys and him felt like a parade invading our house every single day. He loved the boys, but would knock them over due to his size. If we put him out back for a rest he tore up water hoses, the fence, tables, you name it. Poor guy, was just too much for me to handle being so big. So, God of course provided and we found a lovely home for him where they were ready to spoil him rotten.

We decided to take our time, pray, and do some research for a smaller dog. We knew we didn't really want one that needed to be professionally groomed every month, and wanted one that was great with kids. After looking in our local paper and researching what was in there, I saw it. There is a dog that I have always wanted. They are not common around here, so I was excited to see them in the paper. I looked them up and and just fell in love with most everything I read about them. They do have to be groomed, but only 2 times a year. That, we can handle!

I called the lady and she said she had one left, and we could come by and look. We did, and loved them! They aren't ready for about 2 more weeks, so we are spending our time preparing for her arrival. picking out a name, a bed, toys, and a collar. Here name will be Bella, she is a West Highland Terrior (Westie). We are all anxiously awaiting her arrival, and you can be sure we'll have a ton of pictures.

This is what they look like. Not my images, but just to show you what she will look like...

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Heather said...

How exciting! I love that type of dog. I believe they're hypo-allergenic too.
Have fun with her :)


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