Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Puppy Love Part II

Bella is here, and she is a doll! Everyone has just fallin' head over heals in love with this teeny girl.

She has (so far) proven true to all the characteristics I learned in my research, when we were looking and praying about the kind of dog to add to our family. I'm talking as far as being playful, loyal, and confident. After snuggling with her a few hours last night, I put her in her bed which is in a laundry basket. She played with her toy and rolled over and went to sleep. I didn't hear a peep from her until 5:30 AM when she, full of happiness woke up ready to potty, eat, and play.


She loves to explore. Every time we take her out front to potty, she always finds a leaf to chase, a scooter to climb on, or a bush to crawl under and disappear, only to find an exit on the other side.


She has also proved to be loyal, as she was standing on the front porch (the door was open) listening to the boys playing inside. I could tell she so desperately wanted to join them, but she hadn't gone potty yet, so I called her to finish. She wanted to go in so badly, but really didn't want to disobey. You could see the turmoil in her eyes, as she plopped down and barked. It was quite charming.


She, of course being a baby and all, breaks these boys' hearts with how many naps she needs. They can't stand it!




Needless to say, we are enjoying her.



Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness. That almost makes me want one! I think I need to be out of the baby phase for awhile! She is very sweet! Can I just come play with her?

Michelle said...

Awwwwe! She is adorable! I love the picture of the boys watching her sleep! I actually LOVE all of the pictures....they are all really really good! ;-)

Greenstylemom said...

She is so cute! Looks a lot like our dog did when she was a puppy... only she is a mutt.


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