Monday, January 31, 2011

A First Friend at 9 Years Old

296-314 Gifts

Living the fullest life with the One who came to give us life to the fullest.
Being thoughtful on how to spend my time.
Gathering with others to worship.
Smiles and compliments to us about our beautiful boys from strangers.
A little boy telling me I am beautiful.
Counting down to a 3 year old birthday.
That same boys' newest phrase, "you silly goose"
My husbands' carmel eyes looking deep in mine
My dad reading to me his words stirred from God
A curious puppy
Folded laundry
After meals Bible reading
Oldest boy having a friend* (story below)
Preparing for a winter storm
Breakfast quesadillas
Beds made
Cozy socks
A book that dares you to live
A life of Eucharisteo

* A boy with a friend. After school on Friday, I had a friend of mine with a little boy in Jaiden's class drop us home. We so desperately want them to be friends, to notice each other. A mama's prayer on both ends. The life of having special needs kids. Jaiden got in the back seat of their van. S (my friend's son) sitting in his seat in the middle of the van, took notice that Jaiden was riding along and quickly jumped up and sat in the back with Jaiden. Jaiden smiled big. I looked back and S was relaxing with his feet on Jaiden's lap haha. He showed him his Wiggles cd. Jaiden smiled big. Jaiden asks to see S every day now. We will start carpooling soon. Jaiden has made his first friend. A first friend at 9!

For more firsts please read A first birthday at 9. 


Little Wife on the Prairie said...


Michelle said...

So so sweet!

Heather said...

Yay! More answers to prayer. That's awesome. God cares about the little (big) things like making new friends. Love your list and your new pics in your header.


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