Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Around Here

Man, I can't seem to keep up with this year at all! What on earth is happening?! We have gotten back into a routine. It feels nice to be cooking and teaching the boys more consistently these days.

We have been working very hard on reading, and I'll tell you what...he is doing SO much better. I mean, he is ENJOYING it. Yay!

We left a little treat in the mailbox for our mailman. (Part of our being mindful of others challenge)


These are old pictures, but I wanted to include our snowflake art project we did a few weeks ago...this is the closest we've gotten to snow this winter.

I let him do his ABC's




I love when the table is full of art supplies.


After being busy for the past few weeks, I was thrilled to make my "to do" list today. It included laundry, school, read the Bible, pilates, turn music up loud, and have a beautiful day.

That's MY kind of list. *smile*

Oh and I made strawberry fudge for my friend for her birthday. I *may* have had a small bite or six....uh yum. Had. No. Willpower.

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