Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in My Life

I know. Very interesting.

5:45 AM Wake up to dogs barking. I love when they do that..
Check a few emails, say a prayer for our day and wisdom for Obama, and for Israel.
6:15 Fall asleep. I will regret this.
7:30 Get up. notice that the boys have turned on Curious George. Also notice the boy who LOVES tv is not in there...regret starts now. Find him laying in his bed. He wet the bed. If you don't make him get up in the morning...this is what you get.
7:35 Put him in the bath and go get dressed.
7:50 Boys get dressed and I make them breakfast.
8:10 Hop in car to take oldest to school. Get GIANT hug from his friend! Drop them off and stop by sonic for a coke and burrito...I know I know. Turn up NeedToBreathe extremely loud on my way home.
8:45 Come home start laundry, start watering outside, while boys pick up their room and feed dogs.
9:15 Play a math game with Tristin, he reads to me, writes some new words. Brighton listens to a story online and practices writing his numbers.
10:30 Send boys outside to clean dog poop and trash cans while I put brisket in crockpot and clean kitchen.
11:00 Do grammar lesson with Tristin, read History book, and a few Read Alouds.
12:00 Lunch (chicken salad sandwich) and Bible Study.
12:30 Make grocery list, while boys play outside with friend Jack.
12:45 Realize that I left the water on in one spot a little too long...I set the timer, that didn't help. I, apparently ignore sounds.
1:30 I straighten rest of house, do my laundry, and make grocery list.
2:20 Go for a walk with the family.
3:15 Go out for ice cream...
4:00 Boys play with friends while I pin...as in pinterest
5:00 Straighten up...again
6:00 Eat dinner, clean up, start baths.
7:30 Read to boys
8:00 Take a bath myself. My kindle comes along. Les Miserables.
8:30 Settle down for an evening of Downton Abbey!
Probably fall asleep somewhere around 11:00.


Heather said...

Hello Friend! Long time, no read :)
I LOVED reading about your day. Funny how it's strangely close to mine but so different as well. Love how you threw in the mistakes and irritations, as well as, the good stuff. Have a wonderful week!
Love, Heather

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

That sounds fabulous! I wish I could ignore sounds. Boy sounds. Loud and rowdy boys sounds. :)

Michelle said...

Love the real(ness!)


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