Thursday, March 29, 2012

Intentional Days

We have been enjoying these new warm days so much lately.
I have caught up on all our cleaning except the oven and refrigerator, which I'm doing today. I'm learning to lOVE cleaning.

I never thought I'd say that (always hoped though haha)
My husband (HI baby!) reads my blog, I'm sure is hoping it sticks.

I've been spending a lot more time in The Word.
Yesterday, Tristin told me, "mom, you've been reading that Bible for 6 hours today!"
Haha. Not quite that long, but seriously some days I can not put it down.
AND to top it all off, my grandma bought me a new Bible yesterday for my Birthday!
Did I ever tell you the story of my Bible?

I got it 6 years ago from my lovely husband, and last year he (hi again babe ;)) set it on the back of the car after church one night.

We drove home, put the boys to bed and I wanted to read it and couldn't find it anywhere.

I drove back and looked everywhere, and cried, and prayed I wouldn't be mad at him.

A week later I was in Oklahoma for a women's conference and I got a call from a girl from church that said a man found my Bible in the middle of a busy intersection in town.

It had been torn and run over. I still think its beautiful (tire marks and all) and use it everyday, but am so excited to have another one from my grandparents.


Other than all of that we have spent time doing school, playing games, and enjoying SPRING!

The other day we got out a game to play and this is what I found:



I guess if you're missing a green car a tiny hedgehog will do.
He was pretty good at that game.


We also went outside to soak in all the lovliness that comes with Spring.
The little one joined me.


He found some tulips that are about to bloom.


And one that already did.
We also got to talk about pollen and bees, because he was interested in what that "stuff" is. *grin*


We loved looking at the trees with their fresh new leaves and blooms.







My favorite thing of all was to see his collection of acorns he's been working on for a few months. He had many more, but his brothers and their friends moved some.
He wasn't happy about that.



And we spent a little bit of time with the dogs. They are hard to get a picture of, but I'll leave you with a picture of our big dog Sadie. She doesn't appear much in my blog..poor dog.


We are off to the store and then we are growing crystal formations...because another boys asked about that while reading a book that mentioned it. Have I ever told you how much I love homeschooling? Best part? I get to spend all day with some of my favorite people on earth!


Tricia said...

Love the hedgehog! :)

Heather said...

Great photos! What a gorgeous dog that Sadie is. Love your new game piece, lol.


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