Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday My Sweet Tibby

What a Birthday you've had sweet little man!

You woke up to a donut cake this morning. 

I love the look on your face! 

I made my first cake...well one that I spent a whole lot of time decorating. I saw it in a magazine my grandma gave me, and just had to make it for you!

On Saturday, the 16th, we invited a few of your closest friends to decorate cupcakes with you in the front yard. We kept it very, very simple. I think we all had a fabulous time!

I know Jaiden liked it =] 
And so did this birthday boy...his party was a few hours after yours, and man was it fun! I'll post pictures soon. 

The celebration started on Saturday, and is still going strong today! I am so very proud of you, am so happy to celebrate with you on your special day my little race car fan.

I love you, and Happy Birthday Tibby!

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