Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Little Peek Into Our School Room

A while ago I transformed our playroom into our school room. I got rid of the junk toys, and kept trains, blocks, cars, puzzles, and games. I moved most of those toys into their closet, but left the trains in the school room, because that is the only place we have room for it right now.

Anyways, this is what the school room looks like currently. It will be getting a major change at the beginning of the year, so stay tuned!

Our favorite puzzle. Quite expensive, but the boys make great things with it, they use it for bridges for their cars, make mazes for their cars, and see how many ways they can balance them. SO much fun! 

Our small book shelf with books that aren't used daily. Oh and the red tool box hold chalk...easy for carting around. 

Old chippy green desk. Good for workers that need no distractions.

Our reading corner. Basket filled with books, and a nice comfy chair. 

Our Nature Table 

Train table, and a place to hang art.  (This picture taken in the Spring) 

Well there it is folks! Like I said before, we are more than likely going to be changing things around after the holidays, so I will update then. Now, gotta get back to school ;) 

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