Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Week and Other Fun Activities

We kicked off our pumpkin week this past weekend by making these yummy pumpkin treats. Then, this week has been full of fun pumpkin activities and other stuff as well.

Working on fine motor skills. I picked up some ideas from Confessions of a Home Schooler. We are just lining gems on the popsicle sticks. We also sorted them out on the stick by color. They had a good time doing this!

We read Too Many Pumpkins, which the boys enjoyed so much. It's about a woman who hated anything to do with pumpkins because when she was little, that's all they could afford to eat for a solid month. She never wanted anything to do with pumpkins again! One day a pumpkin truck came by, and one of the pumpkins fell in to her yard. She cleaned it up, but the pumpkin seeds started sprouting the next spring, and covered her yard. She just had to do something with all those pumpkins!
The story is fun, and the pictures are delightful! Our boys talked about the story all week, and asked to read it many times. 

He was finding all the "ghost" beans in our sensory bin. 

I picked up a book from Michael's last week to take us along through our History lessons in Egypt. This one is full of mazes through Egypt (mummy mazes) with a character named "Dr. Carter" .  Tibby had a lot of fun trying to get through the mazes, and it's something we can do weekly until we get through all of them.

 Breaking for a silly picture =]

 We used big perler beads for fine motor skills AND decided to make a pumpkin for Pumpkin week!  And, a whole lot of race cars....of course!

I used foam letters, to let Jaiden "write his name" Spelling practice while using them as a puzzle, and number practice. he really did a great job with this! 

And he won the game! (Sum Swamp again)

Explode the Code 

 We stopped by a petting zoo that happened to be in town. It had tigers, monkeys, and a kangaroo....not for petting of course!

We then, headed to a small pumpkin patch to let the boys pick out their pumpkins, and some for carving. 

Our finished haunted house. 

Celebration with pumpkin cupcakes! 

Pencil sharpening for fine motor skills. 

Our indoor pumpkin patch for pretend play and imagination. I told Tibby  I was bringing my "preschool" class to his pumpkin patch, so he gave us a demonstration of the life cycle of a pumpkin. ;) He did a fabulous job!

preschool corner



KJ said...

What a fun time!! Great pumpkin activities! I'm stopping by from the Homeschool creations link up.

littlewifeontheprairie said...

I just love your family!


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