Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our School Activities and M is for Monster

This is our fall sensory tub. It's filled with leaves, beans, (the white beans have black eyes colored on them to make them ghosts) =],  small pumpkins, orange beads, a small apple basket from our playmobile set, a silicone baking moon shape, and I have added fall beads (scarecrows, pumpkins etc) from Oriental Trading Co. All the other stuff was from Dollar Tree.

The boys really have a great time with this. It has provided lots of playtime, exploration, counting, sorting, and much more for all of them! If you haven't made one yet, I encourage you to try one out. 

Sum Swamp is one of our favorite math games. Tibby has learned to add and subtract because of it. He can now do most of it in his head, but I still provide counters just in case!

This is one of those Rub N Color sheets. You scratch the picture and the color comes through. Great for fine motor skill, as you can see the low muscle tone in J's hands. It also helps to get a character, animals, cars, etc that he helps with an unmotivated child ;) 

This is a sheet from prekinders. I put them in a page protector and they put the correct number of spots on the puppy. Even though this was intended for my preschooler and for Jaiden, Tibby got in on it too as you can see below. 

M is for MONSTE 
We got a lot of wonderful ideas from the fabulous KatherineMarie. She inspired me to work on themes as I can, and it has been a ton of fun!

These are our paint chip monsters. 

I printed the GIANT monster flash cards from somewhere online, and I can't find it anywhere. If you happen to know, feel free to let me know so I can give credit. 

We made these monsters out of gloves and sang "Five Little Monsters Jumping on 
the bed." They thought it was a hoot! 
We also ended the week with a Monster Cookie ice cream party, which I have no pictures of. 

Making a funny pumpkin face with stickers.

Working on those fine motor skills. 

Here the boys are playing with an activity kit that I purchased a while back for a few dollars at TJMaxx. It is filled with magnets, and fun worksheets. It is made by School Zone and this is the one we have minus the software.
We have been having so much fun lately! We are gearing up for the holidays, and will be doing lots of fun activities with pumpkins, Thanksgiving, apples, and more! I can't wait to share. 
We started last night's movie night by making pumpkin cake pops. I will do a whole post on it tomorrow, but for now, I'll leave you with a sneak peek. Happy weekend!! 

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Tam said...

I love the paint chip monsters! They are so cute!

Heather said...

I love how you take photos of every step. That makes it easier to copy :) Hilarious monsters! Your kids are stinkin' cute.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Love all these fun activities! Love the monsters and pumpkin cake pops! :)

rachelle said...

You blow me away with what you do! Your pictures are beautiful. So are those sweet faces! Miss you!


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