Thursday, October 14, 2010


God is so faithful to us. He hears my cries and honors His word. I am so thankful to serve an AWESOME God.

Tired from the last few weeks of really hard days, I woke Sunday morning in a not-so worshiping mood. My sweet husband ignored my efforts to just sleep and told me he'd get breakfast ready while I got ready for church. Arriving at church (which I should really call home) I was humbled as God sent so many that morning who were there willing to hug, comfort, and just help in any way they could.

I was greeted by a sweet friend who has offered to come sit and play with Jaiden on Friday, then our children's minister offered to take him on a "date" Thursday (which was today). We went to pick the boys up from Sunday school I ran into a friend who gave me the number of her friend who had just retired from an autism unit that would love to help us.

Can you see how much satan was trying to discourage me?! Telling me God was not helping me? When all along our faithful Father was working all sorts of ways to help us out! Can you imagine if I had gotten my pouty way and just stayed home?! He wouldn't have been able to give us these blessings!

Monday a friend of Dan's took us all out to lunch to a local Japanese Steak House. The boys thought that was the best place ever! They loved watching the chef cook right in front of us.

Tuesday, we went to visit our cousins and let the boys play a bit after we finished school. Wednesday, my mother in law took and worked with Jaiden for the whole morning while I worked with Tibby on his reading, writing, and nature studies. And today, our children's minister came by and took Jaiden to the park to feed the ducks and to the local science center. On their way home they picked us some lunch up from my favorite deli and the boys and I enjoyed a picnic in the front yard! Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to having a friend come over to hang with us and help me with Jaiden.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate those willing to let God use them to bless us just when we need them most. Every single one of them has touched my life in such a way that I only hope to pay it forward to others when they need help. It is so hard to ask for help, as I feel everyone may be too busy, but God has shown me HIS people may seem busy, but they are willing! I am beyond blessed, and am just in awe of how He takes care of every need. I am SO very thankful!

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