Monday, October 25, 2010

Kneeling Down, Reaching Up

 He captivates me. The thought of His presence in my life astounds me. I am left speechless. I offer my gratitude to The One who has provided my every need in true faithfulness. Oh how I pray to be so faithful to Him.

229. every need met. every single day.
230. little boys who love cars
231. reading at bedtime
232. being content
233. holidays
234. a big roll of paper...."big enough to draw a football field!" and that's just what we have hanging on the wall
235. lunch with friends
236. bedtime
237. morning devotionals
238. friends who help
239. old pictures
240. knowing that we don't need more
241. new recipes
242. being in pjs before dinner =]
243. open windows 
244. creativity
245. fuzzy socks

holy experience

1 comment:

Jenna said... the header on your blog. Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing your gifts...may God continue to give you eyes to see.


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