Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adding A Bit of Halloween to Fall AND Finally Something Above the Couch

I have had this couch since the begining of the year, and this week we finally hung something above it. I waited this long because I really had just a  few certain things in mind and I finally found it! It still may need more eventually,  but of course I don't put just aything up unless I love it.

(see the coffee table I mentioned a few days ago? $35! will probably get a facelift when we move)

(the boys were so happy to have a table to play on and a place to color...=])

Added a little pumkin love to the entry.

Found this little guy at TJMaxx

Got this idea from PB. I headed to Hobby Lobby and got the letters to spell BOO and added the glass. I love it!

Drew on the frame I painted and blogged about a few weeks ago.

We went out and got some costumes for the boys. Nothing fancy, but this year we'll have a cowboy, a police man, and a cow. Our littlest loves cows. He was holding an elephant cosume and I showed him the cow and he dropped the elephant on the floor and grabbed the the cow (more like smothered the cow) and said "MOO". I think it was love at first sight.

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Heather said...

Love, love, love your decorating ideas. Great find on the table! I love re-do's.


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