Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day at the Carnival

We had a nice company picnic last week, which also included a trip to a place I've never taken the boys to before. They were in love.

He has always been a bit hesitant to ride rides, but we had a nice chat before we went and he rode everything and had a blast. (Do ya like the collar of his shirt up...we let the boys wear their clothes pretty much how they want which is why the 2 yr old wears his hats backward. to church. every Sunday. AND why this one wore red socks with his bright yellow shirt in his soccer pictures last year,  although the rest of the mommies could of sworn my husband let him out of the house that way...we just told them that he got to choose which made it all the more special, life is too short!)

The littlest one HAD to ride every single thing he could find. There was no waiting for big brothers for him, so we included him in everything and rode all the kid and family rides we could find, four or five times each.

Live life, smile often, laugh...out loud, sing in your own tune, dance because life is beautiful.


emily wierenga said...

what a beautiful family you have friend. they are so confident in your love. and i LOVE that you let your boys wear their clothes how they'd like to... such an act of grace. xo

Michelle said...

I love reading your blog :-) Love these new pictures! I hope I've told you this before, but just incase I haven't....You are an amazing Mom!
Love ya friend :)


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