Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Enjoying the Days Even With Autism

Having a special needs son can be very difficult sometimes. His behaviors when he does have them can be something else, and when they seem to be at their worst I find myself on pins and needles around him.

This time around I trying to find joy and keep on keepn' on. So, we have continued on with our regularly scheduled life and THIS time we are trying not to let autism get in the way.

The boys had a great time learning about Joseph and his coat in our history lesson (Story of the World).  The activities in the book are so much fun. This one wanted us to use a long sleeve button up, but we didn't have one that my husband currently didn't wear, so I grabbed one of his undershirts and cut it. The boys thought it was fantastic...(and my hubby never noticed his missing shirt ;)

We then headed out to the science museum. Now, I'm not sure many people understand what it's like to have a child with autism. Most of the time really he is such a sweetheart, but then there are these weeks that just come out of no where...and you guessed it, the week made its appearance this week.

 I had told him the night before and gave him a "field trip" picture so he would know. While we were getting ready to go he would run around turn the TV off and on, annoy his brother, calm down, go into the garage, get in the car, I got him out and locked the car, he would ask to watch TV, ask to go to grandma's, ask to go to the neighbor's, ask to watch TV, ask to go to grandma's, ask to go to the neighbor's, (rinse and repeat), take off his shoes, say he need to go poo poo, take his brother's hat....whew!

THEN we get in the car, I buckle him and his baby brother (and here is where I'm on pins and needles) I notice I forgot the pass to the museum. Now we can get in without it and I almost opted for that option, but decided it would take me 10 seconds to run in and get it. Run in....SCREAM. Run out and he had unbuckled and was taking toys away from his brother.

OK, we made it to the museum and he did pretty good. I got some happy pictures of him. I did not however get a picture of him climbing a shelf to reach a huge TV they had hanging up high and didn't get the picture of him grabbing a snickers bar  from the gift shop and stuffing it in his mouth...wrapper and all. Needless to say I had to buy one for each boy. =]

This is his favorite thing every time we come. He pushes a button in front of him and it "sneezes" near his head. He thinks it's a hoot.

This is one of my favorite thing to look at, it's huge!

Roping the cow

These words float around the wall and you can keep them bouncing with your shadow or the swim noodle. Too cool! They also have birds that fly across and you can whack them and their feathers fall off.

This was the pioneer exhibit and the boys LOVED it. they had a wagon set up with pretend food and fire.  I sat on a log while they cooked and fed me dinner. It was nice to be served for once ha!

All in all our day went well and we really are blessed and I don't think I could love my sweet boys any more even if I tried.


Gina said...

Wow-that looks like a fun place! Wish we had something like that a bit closer....and I'm in awe of your attitude, even with frustrations you could still call it a good day. That's awesome! Hope you have a happy Thursday.

Heather said...

Jeana, you're such a good mom. Life is very busy for you! I love the Joseph coat idea... amazing!
Thanks for following along with me on the 31 days thing.

Love, Heather

Lissa said...

keep up the good work mama! You're doing a great job!


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