Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Weekend

Today was beautiful. We woke up and headed out to a garage sale where I found a coffee table! I've been looking for one for a very long time.

I spotted one last week at a yard sale near our home, but went home to do something and headed right back out and watched someone  else drive away with it. I was secretly a little bit upset but for no real reason, because today I found the one I've had in my mind this whole time!

I think God chooses to bless us in these ways. What may seem so small and petty, He delights in romancing us with. I think He is doing that on a much larger scale in my life right now, and I can't wait to share! Soon.

We then headed to the soccer  field to watch our STAR (Tibby)! Oh how he loves that game, and oh how we love to watch him. I watched him stand with a boy I don't know on his team, with his arm around his neck like they were best buds, it made my heart swell up big.

After the game we were pulled to the side by the coach who told us what a special young man he is, and how wonderful he played with others and took direction. She had nothing but good to say about him. I was one proud momma.

My dad who is a mailman ran into an old preschool teacher of Tibby's and she also went on and on about him and how special he is and how she has never had a kid like him.

God has big plans for him I know!
I am so glad it's fall. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, and I'm ready for cozy evenings snuggled in by the fire. After long hot days of being out and about, staying in sounds nice.

Hoping your weekend is full of blessings.

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