Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weeks 3 AND 4...yeah

Hard work making the Nile river
We even grew grass all around, but before I could snap a photo our darling Ollie got a hold of it...have I ever mentioned how much a love that dog? No?
We finished our FIAR story about Ping. The boys really grew to love that little yellow duck. We did crafts, studied a bit of China (not TOO much so not to confuse them since right now we are actually Galloping the Globe in Africa), we ate Chinese food, and so much more.
Looking over Museum ABC and we finished up the letter F
Putting words together to make a new word!
He is really getting into spelling and reading! YAY, one thing I get a little overwhelmed with the thought of teaching. He is very strong willed and a bit of a perfectionist, so letting him spell words he knows gives him the confidence and desire to learn more.
Making a pirate scene with stickers (purchased from Dollar Tree) Arrr!
I LOVE how he put the black cannons on their eyes as an eye patch and the sword in one's hands.
I picked up a few more at Target and Jaiden got to make all kinds of silly faced people.
We then explored Taxonomy by figuring out how many different categories we could put our Lego's in.
(thinking of more ways we could sort them)
And just because I love this picture. We sure seem to having a great time together!

Stay tuned for week 5 at the end of this week filled with our SCIENCE and GAME day.

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