Monday, September 6, 2010

Watch Out for the Crazy Lady

I have had such a HUGE range of emotions lately. All I can say about that is WOW.

One moment I am bawling over a lost friend and fellow bloggers who are living in some difficult times. The next, I am cracking up, in tears, I mean the ugly face, hysterical crazy lady laughing at this poor poor preacher. I love his state of shock and confusion that those words even slipped right out of his mouth!

Then. Yes, there are more emotions.... I feel lost wondering how to live, and how to let go and let Him just teach me. I am in a constant battle with myself on how to be a godly wife, mother, servant, and friend. How and what to spend this money and this life that's not even our own.

"There is a stirring deep within me".  , <~ beautiful song) I'm not sure what to do with that. It's like surprises...I don't like them, if you mention them to me first. You know..."I have a surprise for you next week" or "I have something I need to tell you next time I see you." OH! Just tell me already! You can imagine how much fun I am at Christmas sweet husband tells me he wouldn't be shocked to come home from work a week before Christmas to all of the presents opened and us having such a time with our new gifts.

Well, that's the stirring I'm feeling. He is leading me somewhere, to do something, or to live some way and I just want to KNOW already. MAYBE it's just plain patience He is trying to teach me. That seems just about right =]

All I know is that He is my love, and for now He has called me to serve. Serve my family, love, and to live in thankfulness. So this week I will love more.


I will kiss my precious husband, snuggle my squishy boys,play cars, wash clothes, cook healthy meals when I don't feel like it, exercise, pray, savor the minutes I have to spend with them, I will smile, call a friend, shower AND shave, pray some more, dance with my littles, make cupcakes, pay bills, paint my nails, read books, feed dogs, sleep in my husband's arms, take my boys to soccer and cub scouts, give grace, laugh, marvel at beautiful photography, sit and listen, drink tea, be inspired, have compassion, and live.

holy experience


Alexis Hallum said...

AHHAHAHA! I laughed so hard at that link. Poor guy! I think it was so funny cause it was totally innocent.
There is a stirring deep within me too, know the feeling. It feels so great to know that he loves us so much he takes that time. :)

Lindsey V said...

Love how you laid your your gifts! Very cute!! Also a great reminder to focus on the daily little & BIG things!

elizabeth said...

I'm not a sweet young thing like you, but as a 50something Nana, I'm feeling the same way. God is percolating something in my spirit, and I'm not quite sure what He's up to!
Poor preacher...oh my hubs has had some embarrassing moments like that too!
Thanks for your sweet blog comments today.

Heather said...

I love that feeling of suspense and surprise. But I can understand where you are coming from because my husband is the exact same way. I enjoy surprising him as much as I enjoy surpsises because he's just so cute and curious.

Isn't it a beautiful thing that God is at work in our hearts, preparing us for ________________ (aka: life)?

~Heather (another mommy to 3 boys!)


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