Monday, September 20, 2010

To Remember

There is so much floating around in my old noggin that I want to remember. So of course I want to jot it down here.

The way the littlest man say "mom" at the end of his sentences. Kinda reminds me of an annoyed with over-bearing mom teenager.
me: "do you need to go peepee?"
B: "no MOM"
me: "we have to hold hands in the street"
B: "let goooo MOM"
B: "snack please?"
me:"after nap"
B: "k MOM"

Tibby. The way he just loves for you to play with him, tickle him, play jokes on him, and read to him. He gets very upset when it's time to stop. Poor guy.

He has a fantastic personality. We went for a drive the other night. Went and got an ice cream cone, and I could hear him all the way in the back of the car singing "you can bring a can bring a jug...but just don't bring.....A SIPPY CUP!" to that my sweet husband glanced over at me and whispered"don't bring a sippy cup?"

A few days later he was singing it again while getting ready for dinner. I asked where he learned that song and he replied "on veggie-tales" with a giggle he then said, "then he spills his water and says, I'LL TAKE THAT SIPPY CUP"

It delights me to see him getting the humor in that.
Jaiden has been speaking in sentences. SENTENCES! Really, I am thrilled that the other morning he said"can I have some cereal?" I said "yes" ....."great words J!" then he said, "can I have a banana too?" to which I replied, "YES! Wow, J your words are wonderful!" .....then I forgot what what I was getting and said to myself..."what was I getting?" to which he replied "a banana"

Now I bet he only wishes he could have a conversation without his mother saying how great his words are....
I am reading this man I love it. So many ideas on creating a stylish home with kids.

It is 2:35. I ah-hem am still in my pjs. And the boys? Well they are half dressed if that counts for anything.

We did school today...mostly reading and writing and they did WONDERFUL! I am proud to announce I will have two boys reading on their own very soon!

Funny story....?

We went to Walmart the other day. I really do not like it there, but we needed some things we could get it all there so ya know one stop shopping.

We paid and put our huge jug of water on the bottom of the cart and headed to the car. We unloaded the kids and were unloading the items we had (when I noticed that a man who was driving behind us as we were walking drove by starring at us) I didn't think too much of it...I mean look at me. Really. oh yes this is still the same woman who is still in her pjs and hasn't had a shower today. SO, then we notice our water is gone and it must have fallin off the cart. Which then our sweet boy just so happens to inform us that the man in the jeep took it.

We looked and the man has parked his jeep by this time and instead of heading into Walmart (where he would have to walk past us) he heads to a fast food joint at the opposite end of the parking lot. oh yes he did.

Now, I'm not a fiesty girl and am by no means looking for trouble, but that man sure was. *grin*

So I headed after him. Oh yes I did. To which he ran. RAN. Into the fast food place to use the restroom.

My husband...poor guy finally realizing I was not giving my water up told me to get in the car and he would go in and talk to the man.

He did, and THAT poor guy went alllll the way back to his car to return the water scared to death. And then proceeded into Walmart.

All I have to say barked up the wrong tree that day buddy! No. I'm not really sure what got into me, but I really just wasn't in the mood. My hubby was not mean at all, just said" hey man, you think you can give us our water back?"
I am working really hard on creating a photo book with shutterfly. A big book for us and smaller ones for grandparents for Christmas. A few pages I'm working on...

I love life right now. We are blessed beyond measure and most of all, I love my Father for being with us in this life every single day if we invite Him. I adore my love. He makes me smile, I anxiously wait to hear the phone ring every day, and to sleep in his arms at night. I am delighted and honored to spend my day with three handsome little boys who make me laugh, keep me young, and are just so cool to hang out with.

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